Receptions Ikebana Catania

Every detail is customized and created ad hoc according to the needs of the customer, every decoration has been carefully selected to make every moment of your unique event. The choice of details always distinguished professionalism in the art of Ikebana Restaurant to receive . The attention to detail also allows you to harmonize the polychrome and melodies of the locations with the preparations of your event. In our villa the first basic thing is the courtesy and organization , each event will be organized with care and in every detail, to make sure that that day will remain forever engraved in your hearts. Come visit us, we will be happy to impress your guests . We look forward to … Ikebana


Type of Location for Reception : Restaurant and Villa with Indoor kitchen .

Swimming 350 people seated

Capacity of rooms 200 pax

Operating Period : All year round .

Experience: Ten-Year

Staff of Cuisine: from 5-star hotels in Taormina

Indoor parking : Guarded

Advance recommended for the contract : about a year before

Additional Services


Open Bar


Activities for both children and adults

floral decorations

Rigging and sets

Villa with exclusive reception : it ensures only one event per day

A gift for the bride and groom:

Foreale decoration at the table or the table of pelleted

Try menu ‘

Dessert buffet included