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New Year’s Eve


Catalan salad with prawn tails

and emulsion oil wine vinegar and sweet mustard


Carnaroli rice with Prosecco Valdobbiadene

with tissue of grouper and wild fennel timpa


Tortelloni with shellfish steamed

in bisque sauce and golden threads of leek


Fillet of sea bass with butter, braised scallops, grilled shrimp with crispy bacon tart with basil on


Traditional pork sausage with red lentils


Hot chocolate with crunchy almonds


Water, soft drinks, wine, sparkling wine



Christmas Lunch


Artichoke hearts, bacon stewed tomatoes


Crespoline pasta with porcini mushrooms


Macaroni pasta with wild boar sauce and marjoram


Fillet of pork with the sweet glazed chestnuts


potatoes Lyonnaise


Panettone Cream grand manier


Water, soft drinks, wine, sparkling wine



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